Gurukulam Patanjali

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Patanjali Gurukulam

Patanjali gurukulam was inaugurated on June 3, 2017 under the kind guidance and blessings of Param Pujya Yogarishi Swami Ramdev Jee Maharaj and Shradheya Acharya Balkrishna Jee Maharaj. Patanjali gurukulam is the junction of sanatan arya knowledge tradition of vedic gurukul set up by ancients saints and modern science, technology and professional educational system of modern era.

Presently, this divine prakalp of education is being developed in three branches. First, second and third are being run at patanjali gurukulam devprayag, yogagram and patanjali yogapeeth-2 respectively where 250 students are studying in ancient vedic knowledge tradition.

Patanjali Gurukulam Devprayag

Patanjali Gurukulam Yoggram

Patanjali Gurukulam Haridwar